Yes, you read that title right! And yes, this pie is something of a challenge, its sheer extravagance earning it a place in the “silly pies” section of Pie Society!

I made this ridiculously expensive pie to be auctioned off to raise funds for Derian House Children’s Hospice. It cost £1,700 all told, because of the truffle, champagne and gold leaf used, so you probably wouldn’t want to fork out that much! It’s fun to read about, though, and you could make it with some nice wild mushrooms, wine and no gold leaf – but then it wouldn’t be such a silly pie would it!!

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Hand-raised gold leaf game pie


This week’s recipe would be a great Bonfire-night warmer (and would probably be rather nice alternative to the sausage casserole  that makes an appearance every year!).

Tom’s top tip for this recipe is to go the extra mile:

This really is worth the hard work of making a creamy tomato soup to pour over the vegetables before baking.

And if that’s not enough of a challenge for you, you could always bake your own crusty wholemeal bread to serve!

We’ve also included a bonus PDF of the cobbler pastry (well, it wouldn’t have been fair to leave it out!). Remember, Pie Society is out now and you can order the book direct from us! All good bookshops should be able to order it in for you too.

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Roasted Root Vegetable Cobbler, page 174

Cobbler pastry recipe, page 42


This sample recipe from Pie Society is an absolutely fantastic way to treat your fellow diners to some top-quality rump steak. Never made a pudding before? Never fear, Tom’s recipe is easy to follow and even easier to scoff down.

And to serve?

Hmmm, what to serve with this luscious beefsteak pudding … what would the readers of this book enjoy? I reckon rustic fat chips cooked in duck fat, with fresh mint peas and gravy, would be just the ticket!

Well said Tom!

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Aberdeen Angus Beefsteak Pudding, page 166


Two for the price of one in this sample page!

Tom’s introduction:

In Scotland we use fresh salmon or finnan haddock, in Cornwall haddock with some white crab meat, and northern folk are cod lovers. With this pie you can add some prawns if you wish and top with potato instead of pastry.

As well as the Salmon Pie, this page also has a recipe for Shrimp Pie from 1823!

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Flaky Organic Scottish Salmon Pie, page 142

Pie Society is out now!


It’s publication day! Exciting stuff!! Tom will be at the Bolton Market today (see previous posts) launching Pie Society with some celebrity friends, some rousing words and … FREE PIES FOR ALL!

We thought hard about which pie we should post here on publication day and eventually decided that we should show off a pie which can be eaten at any time of the day. Eating pie for breakfast is a world apart from your everyday muesli and juice but if Chris Evans & co. say it’s alright then that’s good enough for us! Besides, we can’t think of a better way to follow the old saying about eating breakfast like a king.

This pie is always being requested by friends and family and makes an ideal lunch snack. I came up with the idea on the Big Breakfast Show with Chris Evans, when I had huge quantities of bacon, sausage, black pudding and eggs which I decided could be used to make a mega pie for all the programme folk later in the day. They loved it, and a breakfast pie was born!

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All Day Breakfast Pie, page 131

Game Pie … an evocative dish indeed for this time of year. With the game season well under way we thought we’d offer all you pie-lovers a delicious excuse to buy up that game you’ve been ogling in the local butcher’s window!

Today you can buy, the complete mix of game meat from superstores and your butcher, they stock it fresh and frozen and is not difficult at all to purchase. Although game pie is traditionally made with puff pastry I like to use my shortcrust pastry instead, using leftover bits for decoration.

As Tom says, why not turn on a bit of the old artistic flair and decorate the pie with an autumnal leafy theme?

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Traditional Game Pie, page 120


Hogget (meat from a one- to two-year-old sheep) and mutton (from a sheep older than two years) are fast becoming trendy alternatives to Lamb in British kitchens, not least because of the sterling work of the Mutton Renaissance. Hogget and mutton have a more robust flavour than lamb and are ideal for casserole-style cooking … and of course pies!

Here’s Tom’s introduction to the recipe:

I have based this recipe on the Alexis Soyer classic, Lamb Cutlet Reform, which he made for the Reform Club in London. I created this version for the BBC when I was filming the Victorian Roadshow in Beamish in 2001, because hogget and mutton were staple Victorian meats.

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Hogget Pie, page 99


Here’s another recipe from Pie Society. It’s not, (surprisingly) a pie but rather the foundation behind every good pie: a good quality homemade stock.

A basic chicken stock is part of every cook’s repertoire, but take a quick a look at this one anyway ;) Tom uses duck fat to fry the giblets and adds white peppercorns and juniper berries alongside the bouquet garni – lovely stuff!

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Basic Poultry Giblet Stock, page 46


Here’s the first of several sample recipes from Pie Society -a thoroughly scrumptious Lancashire Rump Steak Pan Pie. The recipes are taken straight from the book … making them a sneak preview at the same time! We’ll be posting more in the run up to the book’s publication, but we think this steak pie is the perfect way to kick off.

Here’s Tom’s introduction to the recipe:

A good friend of mine, Peter Smith, used to make this pie for his customers at the Cross Gates pub in Blacko, near Burnley. Peter used a Cheshire cheese pastry topping instead of suet and he always served this with minted peas and warm wholemeal crusty cobs with lashings of butter. Wonderful!

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Lancashire Steak Pan Pie, page 80

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