This sample recipe from Pie Society is an absolutely fantastic way to treat your fellow diners to some top-quality rump steak. Never made a pudding before? Never fear, Tom’s recipe is easy to follow and even easier to scoff down.

And to serve?

Hmmm, what to serve with this luscious beefsteak pudding … what would the readers of this book enjoy? I reckon rustic fat chips cooked in duck fat, with fresh mint peas and gravy, would be just the ticket!

Well said Tom!

Download the recipe

Aberdeen Angus Beefsteak Pudding, page 166



Here’s the first of several sample recipes from Pie Society -a thoroughly scrumptious Lancashire Rump Steak Pan Pie. The recipes are taken straight from the book … making them a sneak preview at the same time! We’ll be posting more in the run up to the book’s publication, but we think this steak pie is the perfect way to kick off.

Here’s Tom’s introduction to the recipe:

A good friend of mine, Peter Smith, used to make this pie for his customers at the Cross Gates pub in Blacko, near Burnley. Peter used a Cheshire cheese pastry topping instead of suet and he always served this with minted peas and warm wholemeal crusty cobs with lashings of butter. Wonderful!

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Download the recipe

Lancashire Steak Pan Pie, page 80

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